Believing Our Own BS

In business, a company gets into trouble when it starts believing its own BS. The same is true for a nation, except there “bankruptcy” can mean war, possibly nuclear. To prevent needless wars and ultimately to save the planet, we as a nation need to stop believing our own BS. The seven international case studies in our book provide many examples (click for free PDF and see pages 169-223), and recent articles in TIME and the New York Times highlight the problem, unfortunately by example, not by correcting the problem. Continue reading

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Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea: The Real Story

The media tells us that nuclear diplomacy with North Korea is a waste of time, as do most high officials from every recent US administration. But easily verifiable facts show otherwise. The most important data point: North Korea did not do its first nuclear test until four years after Pres. Bush tore up our nuclear agreement with the North, known as the 1994 Agreed Framework.  Continue reading

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Our “Google Talk” is now on YouTube

Google, which contributed the million dollars for the ACM Turing Award that Whit Diffie and I received last year, hosted Dorothie and me for a talk that is now on YouTube. Continue reading

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Trump’s Dangerous Rush to Judgment Why Congress Should Investigate

Pres. Trump waited only three days before launching his attack on the Syrian airfield from which he believed a chemical weapons attack was launched. Particularly in the nuclear age, such rash behavior has serious, negative consequences for our national security that have been largely overlooked. Continue reading

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Scientists Encourage Trump to Support Iran Deal

Earlier today, a letter on which I am a cosigner was sent to President-elect Trump encouraging him to abide by the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by President Obama. An article by New York Times reporter William Broad, noted:

Dozens of the nation’s top scientists wrote to President-elect Donald J. Trump on Monday to urge him not to dismantle the Iran deal, calling it a strong bulwark against any Iranian bid to make nuclear arms. … The 37 signatories included Nobel laureates, veteran makers of nuclear arms, former White House science advisers and the chief executive of the world’s largest general society of scientists.

Continue reading

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North Korea’s Nuclear Test

A post concerning North Korea’s latest nuclear test is on my new website for the new book my wife and I wrote. I’ve included the lead-in here and encourage you to read the whole post on that website. Continue reading

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Our Book’s Website is now Live

My wife Dorothie and I have developed a website devoted to our soon-to-be-released book, A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet, which just went live. The deep connection between the book and this site’s theme of Defusing the Nuclear Threat is explained in my March 1 post here: The Turing Award, Nuclear Risk, and Recapturing True Love. Please sign up for updates on that effort. People on that list will get notices about the book’s release, discounts that might be available, and most importantly, how to participate in this effort. Thanks very much. Continue reading

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