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Some Logic Behind Pakistan’s Nuclear Buildup

One of my favorite blogs, known as The Arms Control Wonk, has an interesting assessment as to why Pakistan is furiously expanding its nuclear arsenal: Why is Pakistan building so many nuclear weapons and blocking the start of fissile material cutoff … Continue reading

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Atoms for Peace, Atoms for War

Atoms for Peace always seemed like an oxymoron to me. Most of today’s nuclear-armed nations got their start under either the US or Soviet versions, and Iran’s supposedly peaceful nuclear program will soon make it a virtual nuclear power – meaning that it will be able to rapidly produce a bomb if it so desires by turning its commercial uranium enrichment to military use. A recent article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists shows that the close relationship between Atoms for Peace and Atoms for War is no accident: Continue reading

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Remember Pearl Harbor!

The National Park Service’s newly updated Pearl Harbor museum could make an important contribution to reducing the risk of a similar surprise today – but only if we will embrace the lesson that it teaches in terms of our current actions. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen … Continue reading

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