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John Oliver on Nuclear Weapons

As the movie Dr. Strangelove shows, comedy may be the best way to break through society’s reluctance to face the risks posed by nuclear weapons. In that tradition, I highly recommend John Oliver’s recent comedy routine about nuclear weapons. Well done, John!! Please share this with friends. If enough of us do that, who knows what effect it might have? Maybe we’d even come to our senses?
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Col. Strangelove

Peter Sellers’ classic black comedy, Dr. Strangelove, seemed unbelievable – until now. In that 1964 film, Air Force General Jack D. Ripper, starts a nuclear war to wipe out “the commies,” but ends up destroying the world because the Soviets had the ultimate deterrent, a doomsday machine that will destroy the biosphere if any Soviet city is nuked. Fast forward to today’s New York Times story about Canadian Col. David Williams pleading guilty to murdering two young women as part of a sexually charged crime spree in which he broke into homes to steal girls’ and young women’s underwear, murdering two in the process. Add photographs that the Colonel took of himself masturbating in the stolen underwear and you have a script that Hollywood would reject as unbelievable. Except that it happened. Continue reading

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