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How Logical is Nuclear Deterrence? Part 8

Logical thinking should determine the size our arsenal. Yet, as we will see below, that number has been determined in a highly irrational manner which “frightened the devil” out of President Eisenhower and continues to be applied today. Continue reading

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Reversing the Race to Oblivion

Over forty years ago, Herbert York, the first Director of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, published a book, Race to Oblivion: A Participant’s View of the Arms Race. Unfortunately, its basic conclusions are as applicable today as in 1970. Most critically, York observes that our obsession with technology, coupled with an open bar tab for weapons systems has led to the absurd situation “that ever since World War II the military power of the United States has been steadily increasing, while at the same time our national security has been rapidly and inexorably decreasing.” Other key observations include: Continue reading

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