French Arms Sales and Iran

Dr. Yousaf Butt has an insightful post on Reuters, which points out that “France’s torpedoing of the agreement [to relax sanctions in return for concessions by Iran] appears less related to genuine nuclear proliferation concerns than with trying to curry favor with anti-Iranian countries — like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – who commission and buy expensive French military, satellite and nuclear hardware.” The post goes on to note:

… France penned a military contract with the United Arab Emirates in late July. The billion dollar contract for two spy satellites … Similarly, just a month after the deal with the UAE, France also signed a billion euro contract with Saudi Arabia — a bitter rival of Iran — to overhaul four frigates and two refueling ships.  The French ambassador to Saudi Arabia explicitly expressed his hope that the Kingdom would seek French help in implementing its “huge program…in the nuclear field.” Such long-term infrastructure contracts could be worth roughly 40 billion euros to the French.

I highly recommend reading the whole post.

Martin Hellman

After posting this, another relevant article came to my attention which has information not picked up by most Western media.

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I am a professor at Stanford University, best known for my invention of public key cryptography -- the technology that protects the secure part of the Internet, such as electronic banking. But, since 1982, my primary interest has been how fallible human beings can survive possessing nuclear weapons, where even one mistake could be catastrophic. My latest project is a book, co-written with my wife Dorothie, with the audacious subtitle "Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet." It's on Amazon and a free PDF can be downloaded from its website:
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