Announcing a blog for Defusing the Nuclear Threat!

I’ve established this blog to supplement my web site Defusing the Nuclear Threat. I hope you’ll add it to your RSS feeds and encourage friends to do the same.

Without greater public support for changes in our approach to nuclear weapons, we can expect more of the same … until there’s a catastrophe. Let’s avoid that by creating a public that isĀ better informed about the realities of the nuclear age. Some of the points this blog will cover:

  • why common sense is all you need to understand the need for change;
  • why relying on nuclear weapons is as risky as living in a town surrounded by thousands of nuclear power plants;
  • why the seemingly impossible changes needed to eliminate the nuclear threat can, in fact, happen;
  • why your participation is key;
  • why NATO’s “nuclear umbrella” suddenly can mutate into a nuclear death trap; and
  • why our limited view of Russia and other nations is leading to disaster, and evidence to see the picture more clearly.

Thanks very much.

Martin Hellman
Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

About Martin Hellman

I am a professor at Stanford University, best known for my invention of public key cryptography -- the technology that protects the secure part of the Internet, such as electronic banking. But, since 1982, my primary interest has been how fallible human beings can survive possessing nuclear weapons, where even one mistake could be catastrophic. My latest project is a book, co-written with my wife Dorothie, with the audacious subtitle "Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet." It's on Amazon and a free PDF can be downloaded from its website:
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1 Response to Announcing a blog for Defusing the Nuclear Threat!

  1. lantrix says:

    Much better reading the blog than getting the mail-outs. Good choice on WordPress!

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