Stanford Coverage and More on Georgia

The current issue of Stanford’s alumni magazine has an article about our project on pages 32-33 of the print version, which is available online here. I’d also like to recommend one more, very informative article on the Georgian crisis.

Wayne Merry, a former State Department and Pentagon official, traces the evolution of the Georgian conflict by noting: “Although ignored in the West, the first instances of what later was called ‘ethnic cleansing’ did not take place in Yugoslavia, but in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and were perpetrated by radical Georgian nationalists under the slogan ‘Georgia for the Georgians.’ … While Abkhazia was almost certainly lost to Georgia in the 1990s, the same was not true of South Ossetia, where ethnic tensions competed with ethnic cooperation. Many observers believed that with patience, time and wisdom, Tbilisi might have restored its authority in South Ossetia by peaceful means. Now we shall never know. President Saakashvili’s almost-inexplicable decision to unleash a massive artillery bombardment of Ossetian civilians and then attempt a swift reconquest of the region has permanently altered the political landscape. … It is now inconceivable that any living Ossetian or Abkhaz would willingly return to Georgian sovereignty.”

The complete article can be accessed here.

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Martin Hellman
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Stanford University

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